Powerful hook hanging magnetic

The hooks are used in combination with strong magnets, which are adsorbed on the weighing surface to avoid punching holes and keep the beauty, ln general use, the magnets can be selected from neodymium or ferrite.

Our company provides arrow magnetic hooks, swive magnetic hook, carabiner magnet, magnet with eye bolt, plastic magnetic hooks and stainless steel magnetic hooks for sale.


Applications Of The Avocadometal Magnetic Hooks.

Avocadometal, a renowned name in the magnetic solutions industry, offers a versatile range of magnetic hooks. These hooks are designed for a multitude of applications, from household use to commercial and industria settings.
Household Applications Magnetic hooks are an excellent tool for home organization, They can be used to hang keys, pictures, and indoor tools such as scissors and knives. They are also perfect for hanging cleaning equipment like brooms and mops, and even clothing on hangers. Their strong magnetic force ensures a secure hold, keeping your items safe and your spaces tidy.
Commercial and lndustrial Applications ln commercial and industrial environments, Magnetic hooks prove to be equally useful. They can be used for hanging lights, wires, cables, and tools, making workspace organization a breeze. Additionally, they are ideal for hanging banners and signs, providing a secure and easy-to-use solution for display needs.


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