Colorful push pin magnet

The magnetic push pins will not ruin walls and poke feet and fingers, perfect for pinning reminders, schedules, photos and more.

Can be used in offices, workplace, homes, schools and many more. Perfect for maps, whiteboards, and other metal surfaces.



Applications of colorful push pin magnet.

High Quality Magnetic Push Pins, Rich Color to Brighten Up Your Life!

Multiple Choices: There are 10 colors for you to choose from. With your favorite color, it will brighten up your life!

High Quality : Made of neodymium material, and a three-layer coating of nickel + copper + nickel makes the magnet highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and oxidation. The outside of the magnetic pushpin is made of high quality ABS plastic, very durable.


ModelD(mm)D1(mm)d (mm)H(mm)h (mm)Weight (g)Hold A4 on white board
D11*171194. pieces
D15*2115115213.52.815 pieces
D21*262113.55.5264.56.720 pieces
D27*3327188.5335.51627 pieces


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