Name badge magnets wholesale

Product Description

Feature:Magnet and metal material

Great glossiness

Easy to use, tear the paper down and stick it on your name card.

The outward appearance is exquisite, easy to wear, can enhance the enterprise’s brand influence, enhance corporate image, for enterprise management.


Application of Name badge magnets wholesale

Unique Design and Easy to Use:

Each component of these name badge magnets are designed to maximize the holding force while keeping the size down. Super strong neodymium magnets in the back plate are arranged in alternating polarity in order to form a magnetic circuit that enhances their strength. This name badge magnet is the smallest dual magnet name badge magnet that we carry, however it’s not lacking in strength. Even though it’s much smaller than our other badge magnets it’s very close in strength to our full size magnets.


On the back of the front plate is a pre-applied strip of heavy-duty double sided foam tape which is excellent when used on smooth surfaces. Strong and weatherproof, once a name badge magnet is assembled you never have to worry about it falling apart or rusting.

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